Beijing Linkhead Technologies Co., Ltd is a leading telecommunications infrastructure company that designs, develops, markets and supports software, platforms, solutions and consulting services for converged voice and data enhanced services providers in China’s wireless, wireline and Internet marketplace. Incorporated in 1994, Linkhead has pioneered the introductionOf enhanced services products and solutions to the Chinese market and has solid and growing customer base with over 100,000 ports installedin hundreds of systems in China. In the end of 2003, PacificNet Acquire Beijing Linkhead, this is a significant milestone. PacificNet Inc. ( (Nasdaq:PACT) is a leading technology investment and management company that invests in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, mobile applications, and telecommunications in Asia. Linkhead is headquartered in Beijing with sales offices in ShenZhen and ShangHai.


Under innovation mind, Linkhead company comprehensively improves the international competitiveness in capital market、technology area and strategic management. We cooperate with USA NMS company closely to supply value_added business to new telecom of China. We have accumulated strong technologic power and made outstanding achievement.

In 1994 

Was established in Beijing

In 1995 

Became the Master reseller of NMS in China

In 1996 

Arranged for NMS AG-E1 to become the first batch of voice boards in China to receive the Network Access License for Telecommunications Equipment Linkhead Shenzhen Branch was established

In 1997 

Linkhead Shanghai Office was established

In 1998 

Introduced its own SS7 gateway, Call Center platform, IVR platform and Fax server GDT, DTT, ZTE, Huawei and UT Starcom became our customers

In 1999 

Was selected to be one of five call-center trial systems for China Unicom Became the vice council member of CPCI Linkhead reached 45 million of sales revenue

In 2000 

Became a member of experts committee of the China Communication Standards Association Set up strategic alliance with Adlink, Nuance and Edify

In 2001 

Became a member of the China Communication Standards Association Became a member of the Value-added Service Committee of China Association of Telecommunications Enterprises

In 2002 

Became a council member of the Call Center and CRM China Introduced CBRT (Color Ringback Tone) and Telephone QQ system

In 2003 

Received Software Licenses for LQC and LMS products Merged with PacificNet Inc. and was listed on the Stock Exchange of Nasdaq

In 2005

Introduced Vision Media Server and gateway for 3G

In 2006

Introduced MG7000A for ATCA

In 2007

make strategic cooperation partners with CISCO

In 2008

NMS and dialogic mergers,linkhead officially became the dialogic China general agent

In 2009

Introduced IVVR

In 2010

Introduced video call center

In 2011

Develop mobile Internet market