IP network Transformation

Global Transition from TDM to IP

The global transition from TDM switches to IP-based communication networks is well underway as service providers increasingly recognize an urgent need to lower operating costs, increase network reliability, and support multimedia applications.

Dialogic IP Transformation solutions are built upon an integrated portfolio of field proven products that enable Class 4 tandem operators, wholesale VoIP carriers, and Class 5 Unified Communications providers alike to deploy powerful any-to-any TDM and IP interconnect solutions across both legacy and next generation telecom networks.

Dialogic’s extensive portfolio of IP Transformation products offers network operators the flexibility to either deploy complete standalone solutions or integrate individual best-of-breed network elements into existing networks.

Dialogic’s World Class Support to Make Your IP Transformation Easier

Unmatched features and interworking capabilities

Support for a wide array of signaling protocols to provide IP-to-IP and IP-to-TDM interworking including SIP, SIP-I, H.323, SS7, SIGTRAN and PRI

MGCP support for seamless interworking with existing media gateways such as Cisco and Audio Codes

CAMEL support for pre-paid applications

No forklift upgrade required when scaling solution – more cost effective compared to other vendors' approaches

Geographical redundancy for high availability and continual processing of mission critical customer traffic – check out the video!

Extensive routing capabilities including support for LNP, ENUM and LCR

High bandwidth compression rates with the use of I-Gate® 4000 Media Gateways - up to 16:1

Integrated hardware-based or virtualized SBC for IP-to-IP interworking and connectivity

Interoperability with third party application servers and IMS core networks



Bordernet 4000  



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