Webrtc&multimedia VAS

Revolutionizing Communications

WebRTC is revolutionizing communications by providing a powerful and large open source community-based technology for embedding communications in web browsers and mobile applications. PowerMedia XMS includes support for WebRTC audio, video, and media plane technologies, allowing developers and network operators to extend their applications and services to the web. PowerMedia XMS’s web-oriented APIs and virtualized software are well suited for dynamic, cloud-based environments where WebRTC is typically deployed alongside other webservices.

What is Server-Side Media Processing?

WebRTC is designed to send media directly via peers. Often this occurs between two clients, but many applications require the server to act as a media peer. So what is server side media processing? Let’s take a look:

Major server-side media use cases

Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS provides widely needed capabilities in many applications. While WebRTC is designed to be primarily browser-to-browser, there is a growing number of use cases that require server side media support or that would be greatly enhanced by it.




Webrtc demo 视频